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Auto delete configs in design table when opened

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by Scott Baugh

So I made a design table outside of SW using a saved DT from the assy. It is a *.xlsm and has some VBA code behind it. The problem I cannot figure out is after I add it back to the assembly as "From File" and I add a new configuration and close out the DT and reopen it, once it loads it removes the new config I just made. The only time I have ever seen that is when I was in a part and I had made a mistake in the properties. This DT is not giving me any errors when I open or close the DT. So if there are errors and I would expect there to be a few it doesn't show me. I tried splitting the table up to only a few properties and even if I have set to the Config name and the first property it still removes the config. I am at a loss??


Closeout the DT and as you can see no new Configs are made. and there are no messages about making new configs or errors in the DT.

Reopen the DT in a "new window" and poof, gone!

Only seen this when there is an error in the DT, but $DESCRIPTION is not a property that can be screwed up, especially when that was default feed in property.


Attached is a copy of the DT I used in the assembly.


Anyone else ever seen this or found a solution?