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Extrude Cut a Revolved Surface

Question asked by James Hayek on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by James Hayek

Hello All, I am fairly new to SW and I ran into a problem when trying to subtract material from a model I intend to 3D print. 


I have made a profile of a tire and projected curves via Split Line. My aim is to trim out areas for where the holes in teh rim will be. The object is a combination of a solid body and surface. When I use Features>Extruded Cut I can only cut the solid body and not the surface. I attempt to cut the surface using Delete Face, Surface Trim, and Thickened Cut to no avail. 


I also was unsuccessful in converting this to a solid body and then cutting into that. Is there a way to convert this whole model to a solid body and trim away the material I don't need? 





When I extrude cut, notice only the inner lip's material is removed...



Any help is greatly apreciated.