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    Enterprise PDM Web server

    Mathew Stevenson
      We have not installed the web server but how does everyone use it and what are the best uses for it?
        • Enterprise PDM Web server
          We use it for vendor access. While we have different access levels, generally all of vendors can see most of our files. It sure beats having to send PDFs, IGES or STEP files to every supplier. They log in, get the files, and I don't have to hear from them unless there is an issue with a drawing.

          If you have the bandwidth to support it; use it.
            • Enterprise PDM Web server
              Todd Puckett
              We use it for contractors, construction sites, and for a backup in remote offices with a replication server.

              I think it works much better than the full client when working with a poor internet connection, and you can avoid using VPN software to access the archive server. Our China office prefers it to the full client.

              It also makes for a great backup at remote offices. We had an archive server go down in an office with 20 users. I sent them the link to the web client and they were able to work normally while we had a new server shipped a week latter.

              There is one catch when upgrading the web client. The web client is installed directly from the internet when connecting, and upgrades will install automatically. HOWEVER if you have the full client installed but are using the web client it will not install updates from the internet. I had to have users in Mexico download the 1 Gb installation so they could upgrade their EPDMW Editor client in order for their web client to work.