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Monitor Question

Question asked by Matt Juric on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by Henry Sommer

With our current situation it appears I'll be spending more time working from home. Currently I'm team Viewing in to my work computer and that will probably remain that way for the duration. 


That being said I would like to move from my current 23" monitor to a larger 27-28" monitor. 


I'd like to "Future Proof" this monitor as I have plans to replace this system entirely with a system that has specs that could run SW directly. My current system has a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti with a DVI, VGA and micro HDMI. I'd like to get a monitor with a Display port and DVI. I would use my current Monitor as my 2nd display hooked up to either the VGA port or HDMI port,


My larger question is has anyone seen any issues with getting a 4K monitor and then running it at a lower resolution? My current card can only display 2560 X 1600 and I typically run it lower than that. 


If I replace this system I would be able to run 4K if I wanted to.


I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking at monitor specs so any other things to look out for would be appreciated.