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Motion Study, Mates are ignored and model collapses

Question asked by David Boydston on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by David Boydston


I have a gantry with a gripper, so its a fairly complex assembly. I want to animate the gantry moving from side to side and the gripper opening and closing.

all my mates are great, in the model view I can move it all with limit-distance mates and everything is so nice and dandy.

But when I open the Motion study tab. . .

Dear god, I dont know what happens, but everything goes to ****.

Here's my exact step process:

- Open Motion study

- Initial position is copied from model

- Select time = 2 seconds

- New camera key-frame

- Timeline selected at 2 seconds

- Move gantry to the right

- Click "calculate" button to calculate the frames in between 0 and 2 secs.


Now please help me before I kill myself or destroy my computer, but I am loosing patience here.

When the calculate button is clicked the timeline goes red and then the gripper collapses on itself (basically all the fingers overlapp each other, springs are out of place, screws are floating in space).

All the mates (note this is a fully defined assembly with no minus symbols on its components) are just ignored and Solidworks decies to sshhhhhhh on itself and I am about to lose my cool