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Annoying Resource Monitor messages

Question asked by Dean Purvis on Mar 23, 2020

We have all seen the annoying resource messages regarding "something" that SW doesn't like.  We have users that start SW and it pops up, others that only have 1-2 fairly simple parts open.  We have Lenovo P5XX workstations, so it should not be the machines.

A few things that we have been doing for a couple of years:

1. Adjust Virtual Memory. There are a lot of 'thoughts' out there on this subject, most are better than leaving Windows to set it.


2. Increase the number of GDI objects and Process Handle via registry (this is also under the WOW6432Node area)

; This sets the GDI Objects higher

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]
; set GDI object from default 10000 to 30000
; set Process Handle from default 10000 to 18000


3. Attempt to shut off resource messages via registry > undetermined to what extent it really helps

; this shuts off resource messages
"Hide Messages"="True"
"Don't show messages"="TRUE"
3. But this is one that I just discovered today. After several back and forth emails with our Var... he suggested a YouTube video where a guy went to Task Manager and killed the service.  No one is going to want to take the 8 or so step process to kill it every time they start SW.  That got me thinking... what about running a macro to do it?  Still has to be re-run with every SW start, but it's one click. 
It was fairly simple to create and set up. 
  1. Create a batch [.bat] file that simply has the task kill in it.

                      @echo off


Title SolidWorks Pre Install Script 

taskkill /f /im sldProcMon.exe


  2. Create a macro in SWX:

Sub main()

Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

Shell ("C:\EnterpriseVault\Support\Macros\SWX_Resource_KillProcess.bat")         < this is the location and name of the batch file created

End Sub


   3. Add a button to the macro toolbar:



It takes about 6 seconds to kill the process, and the icon to disappear from the Task Bar.



Hope this helps someone...