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    2010 Beta

    Joy Garon
      Hi Folks -

      I've read a couple of posts recently asking about beta. Beta planning is in full swing and as soon beta launches we will be allowed to talk about the new functionality.

      Which brings me to my questions:
      Do you plan on participating in beta?
      If you do not participate in beta, is it becuase of the time involved or something else?
      How do you setup for beta? Do you have dedicated, non-production machines? Do you test a generic setup or do you move your existing vault to the test enviroment - or something different?
      For those participating in beta, would you prefer a preliminary in-depth webcast or pre-recorded video snippets?

      I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

      Best Regards,
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          Devon Sowell
          Hi Joy-

          The past few years, I've downloaded EPDM beta to a dedicated machine. I do run it and look at the new functions. I have good intentions of reporting beta issues, but I've never found the time to be able to do so. As a consultant, I usually have multiple projects going at one time

          I will say the entire PDM Group is very supportive. The documentation, and training materials, included with SolidWorks EPDM is outstanding.
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            I try to participate as much as I can, but it is very difficult to beta test EPDM. With each release I have been involved in, I setup a virtual machine and move the vault data over to the machine and work with one client. I mess around with it, but I can't dedicate all my time to beta testing. I haven't ever submitted a bug with beta because I just don't have the time to find one. I wish I could; but my employer wouldn't be too pleased!

            I usually take 2 to 3 days and dedicate it to beta testing. I only look for show stoppers; broken upgrade, broken existing functionality, etc.

            I do, however, test the API in beta. I try to test whatever is new in the API to see if anything is completely broken.

            As for the webcast vs pre-recorded video: I would prefer an in-depth webcast initially, followed by video if need be. That way if anyone has questions on something that is not clear, it's explained right then and there and the videos would be more informative. (I would assume the video would be available for training material.)

            I'll also echo Devon's hat tip to the EPDM group. The support is excellent.
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              Jason Capriotti
              Being that beta is suppossed to start next week, is the Enterprise beta starting at the same time or will it lag?
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                  Matt McKendrick
                  Here we go again. The fallout still hasn't settled from 2009, and we have a new release almost upon us. I am seriously considering skipping it. I am tired of dealing with the upgrade process and all of the work and troubleshooting entailed therein every year.

                  Tell me how the carbon scoring features work when y'all get the beta. I am keenly interested.

                  Now if I can only find some cheese....
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                  Ben Kalinowski
                  I'm on the list for beta and plan to get into it, but we're on 2009SP2 and I'm at the end of spending the majority of 5 months dealing with problems from SP2. We had PDM improvements planned for last December and then more in April which we've had to put off. Just recently we've got things running somewhat smoothly. At this point I'm not advocating we move even to SP3 until we know what the impacts will be (nearly impossible to determine).

                  PDM 2010? Maybe in the 2nd half of the year. I'm on the beta list because i want to see what 2010 will offer and what we will be missing and if its worth the pain & suffering for another upgrade.

                  Maybe Matt can share some of his cheese with me...
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                      David Demaria
                      without trying to hijack this thread... how does licencing for Beta releases work exactly? (I've never got involved in these before now). If I don't need to transfer licences or any of that carry-on then I will give it a shot. Will definintely be on my own home machine in any case. Too risky interfering with sensitive work installations.
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                          Pete Yodis
                          I am only looking to sign up for the Beta so I can read the whats new document. I have become a bit jaded with SolidWorks and we are probably going to end susbscription for a while. We are just not getting our money's worth and so we are looking at keeping it in our pockets. I am disappointed with the decision to stop all improvements to the WorkGroup product - its going by the wayside. This was really a bad move by Solidworks as it gives us less reason to pay subscription to them when they drop the ball on customers who purchased the product, paid for subscription, training, etc... Not very wise on their part. I know I am not alone in this. Joy, I think you would understand. Unless there is something in the 2010 Beta thats really worth it, then I have instructed my company not to fork over subscription money and we will live with 2009 for the time being until SolidWorks makes some changes that are worthwhile to us. I think others should do the same with their dollars, use it to get Solidworks to understand what is really important. I am not attempting to be vitriolic in any way, just attempting to be honest about the situation and encourage others in the same way.
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                              Gene Mercer
                              I signed up, but haven't even downloaded it yet. It will be a personal pet project for myself to test stuff on and installed on my own personal laptop. (Just purchased a couple of months ago and what better way to fill it up right?)

                              Unfortunately, this means I won't be able to test the important stuff to my company such as how well the installations will work over past versions (not a good record there), does our custom api work on the new version (had to recompile twice now I think), and on and on..

                              For me I'm going to look at things that I've personally submitted bugs on to see if they are fixed (both in solidworks and EPDM) and also to test some EPDM workflows and Dispatch stuff on. I will also probably try some really off the wall stuff with it just to see where it takes me?

                              Since I'm CAD here and not IT (former life of both), I just don't have the resources to set up a cloned enviroment (Active Directory, SQL Servers, remote archive servers with lots of lag, etc) so I'm honestly just in the beta for ME. If I find something, then great, if I break something great, if I can get it fixed.. even better.

                              Gene Mercer
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                          Glen Young
                          I've loaded and tested the betas in the past, but find it hard to submit bugs and really give it a good workout without using it for production work. Now that we have network licensing and it requires that you load a completely new network license to run the beta, I don't think I will take the time for the huge download AND messing with the license server.
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                              I'm 90% agree with Peter Yodis. Last year even our subscription service was ended in April I can participate on beta testing.This year I can not. I don't understand the sw policy. I think that our effort in beta testing is helping you, it's our time, enthusiasm ans some money.
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                              Jeff Sweeney
                              EPDM 2010 Beta is out! Let the fun begin!
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                                  Lucas Dexter
                                  We are still testing 2009 and are scheduled to upgrade this weekend. We do not participate in the beta testing (yet) because of time and resources. Is there any way SolidWorks can get more involved in setting up a system, give suggestions on "how" to beta test and what to test (maybe a list of items to think about).

                                  After the slew of issues we had last year, I am not looking forward to this upgrade. Unfortunately, upgrading SolidWorks and EPDM is the most time consuming product I am responsible for. Upgrading a piece of software should not be this difficult and time consuming.