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Issue with derived component pattern with parallel directions

Question asked by Romans Karpenko on Mar 23, 2020
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It seems i've found a rare issue with derived component pattern.

If as a source driving pattern i try to use pattern with parallel directions - then no matter did i check "Pattern seed only" or not for second direction only one first instance of components added.

But if i change second direction not parallel but on anglee 0.01 deg - then all works as expected.

To reproduce:

1. Create a part with pattern feature with parallel directions. Add it to assembly and insert any fixture component (i used rivet)


2. Try to make derived component pattern with it - you will see only one component added into second direction (just like you check "Pattern seed only"


3. Now try to cut initial part so that edge used for direction pointing will have slight slope (0.01° in my case) - all will work as expected

I use SolidWorks 2019 SP3 - can someone alse confirm this issue?

Should i open ticket?

Thank you!