Dariusz Oleszczuk

Opposite hand mirror feature in assembly saves parts in wrong orientation

Discussion created by Dariusz Oleszczuk on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Krzysztof Szpakowski
I'm new to the forum so sorry if posting in the wrong place.
I am looking for the solution of the following problem and would be very happy if someone could help...
When I am creating opposite hand versions of the parts in assembly I am trying to use a rigtt plane.
Upon completion of the mirror and saving parts under new nams in the same folder everything seems ok as the new parts are shown in correct way in the assembly.
However, when I open a new part it will be positioned as if it was mirrored over a front plane as opposed to right plane.
I am braking all links to original parts upon creation of opp hands.
I have noticed that Solidworks puts all features in a folder and manipulates data by adding 'Body-Move/Copy'
Technically I could edit 'Body-Move/Copy' to get the part in the correct position, but when I do that the triad for moving the part quickly dissapears.
Another workaround is to add another 'Body-Move/Copy' and as long as it is ok for single parts it is a pain when trying to mirror Subassemblies because I would have to do it to all parts individually and then re-mate everything from scratch.
What a nightmare!
Is my solid install bugged or are there any settings to adjust this behaviour?
Many thanks in advance if someone knows the solution.