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Save Sketch as DXF

Question asked by David Hutchison on Mar 22, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by David Hutchison

I've searched for a couple of hours and tried various things, and this is getting super frustrating.


I have a 3d part. It is made up of sketches that are extruded. I'd like to be able to choose a sketch, and export just that sketch as dxf. This seems so simple, I can't tell why it's not included.


Solution 1: Open the sketch, copy, open a new drawing, paste, save as dxf.

Problem: This is not automate-able. I'm looking for something where I can use a macro to extract these dxfs from sketches, not something that requires the user to use mouse and keyboard to copy/paste and to open a new blank drawing each time, then close the drawing when done.


Solution 2: File > Save as > dxf.

Problem: This doesn't save a Sketch. It saves whatever view the 3d shape has currently in the window. So think of a rectangle that is extruded and I'm trying to save the rectangle. But this rectangle also has an Extruded cut feature that makes it into a square donut shape. This solution saves a square donut shape. You may say, well go ahead and click on each interior line of the square donut shape and delete them one by one just prior to saving as dxf. But again, that is not something that is automate-able. Fundamentally the problem is, this saves a 2d snapshot of the 3d part, it doesn't save individual Sketches.


Please help!! :-)