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Question asked by Benjamin Faulkner on Mar 22, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Tapani Sjoman



I am trying to add a tube to the routing library but I am having issues:


This is what my sketch looks like:



When I try to add my geometry in the routing library it prompts me to convert my pipesketch inner circle to construction geometry but this means when I extrude it shows the entire cylinder

It looks like this:



In the next step I add all dimensions in the design table



Then I add the two parameters that weren't automatically added (I don't know the relevance of these - on a side note?)














I finish updating it by naming and saving it to the database














I then open an assembly and add a tube fitting like this















But when I try to use my tube in the route properties it doesn't work and none of my configurations are shown in the drop down menu













Comparing this to the ready made tube in solidworks. When I open the part, it looks like a tube for one 


























and the design table has multiple configurations with multiple parameters. I have no idea how to add these additional ones.












Any assistance would be appreciated as I really need to know this to progress at work. They are on the brink of giving me a licence so long as I can prove my worth. Routing isn't as intuitive as I hoped and I can't seem to find much in the way of tutorials or manuals. Can anyone give me some pointers? or is it just a case of trial and endless error till you suss it out?