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Impact analysis using drop test

Question asked by S. Beers on Mar 21, 2020
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For my research, I need to perform an impact analysis. I found some information about the drop test analysis that can be performed in SolidWorks[1]. In here it is described that the analysis is done via this formula:


[M]{a} + [C]{v} + [K]{x} = {F}


Where: M = Mass matrix a = acceleration vector C = damping matrix v = velocity vector K = Stiffness matrix

x =displacement vector F= external force vector


Then it is stated that an explicit approach is used to solve this. There is no information provided about the impact itself, for example, is the velocity change during impact instantaneous, what impact mapping is used, how is the contact with the environment modelled.  etc.


Furthermore, what is result of the drop test analysis? Is it possible to see the post-impact motion(so displacement, velocities etc.)?


Does anyone know where I can find this information, or have an answer to my questions?


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