Jerami Martin

Radiation to Ambient of Simple Plate Question

Discussion created by Jerami Martin on Mar 20, 2020

Hello, I'm just trying to verify a simple plate steady state scenario in SolidWorks Simulation before moving on to my real assembly and I'm getting confusing results. I'm assuming I have a simple plate of set thickness. One face has a heat flux of 1377 W/m2. That face as well as the opposing face radiate to ambient, Ta = 0K, e=0.8. I would expect to see that my heat flux in equals my radiative heat flux out at steady state which would give a temperature of around 351K. 


Instead, I'm finding that my steady state temperature varies depending on my input temperature and I can't run the scenario without an input temperature. I think I'm just misunderstanding something the SolidWorks is doing behind the scenes or how it defines the thermal loads. Would anyone be able to elaborate?


Thanks in advance.