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Why the laptop gets stuck so easily when running Solidworks 2019?

Discussion created by Louise Yi on Mar 19, 2020
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I have a laptop(Dell Precision 7530 with 16G RAM) running Solidworks2019 which gets stuck very easily. It takes over 3mins to turn on the Simulation module, and may get stuck for over 30 secs even during a simple operation like rotating a part in an assembly with less than 10 parts(not always, but sometimes). But it does not get stuck on other software.


What's the possible reason for it and is there any way to improve the performance? Is it because of the software version or it just needs some appropriate setting? I've used Solidworks 2015 and 2018 on other laptops before and it didn't get stuck so easily. 





Thanks for all the replies. I increased the auto backup time and it helps. 

@Heiko Sohnholz suggests reinstalling it, which can be a possible solution as well.