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slow performance with new laptop with RTX3000 Quadro 6Gb

Question asked by Frederick Haesevoets on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Jeremy RIEDEL

Hi everyone,


 I have very strange performance issues with SW2020 SP1.


I just bought a new laptop, an ASUS CONCEPT D with 32 Gb of RAM, 1TB SSD, RTX3000 6Gb graphic card.


I7-9750H processor and a 4k screen.  In short a very powerfull laptop in my eyes.  I am using it for almost 2 months now but have alot of performance issues like viewport lag, crashes... if I open 5 simple (max 1 Mb) parts at once it's out of memory and SW works extremely laggy.  


I have changed all the settings in the Nvidea control center, so SW uses the RTX3000.  I have the latest drivers and had multiple contacts with my SW reseller about this.  


As soon as I start a new part, the memory usage of the RTX3000 goes up to approx 4Gb!!


So what have I tried just now.


I deinstalled my nvidia driver for the RTX3000, restarted windows and ran SW again.


And I couldn't believe it,  but all my problems are gone. 


I can open 25 parts, assemblies at once and work with them without problems.


Please have a look at the attachment. (I also included English text)


In the first screenshot you can see the problems with the RTX3000 card when opening only 5 parts at once.


In the screenshots afterwards, you can see I disabled the RTX3000 card (since windows installed it back automatically after restart) and it works like a charm..... without my expensive RTX3000.


What could be this issue?   I can not be true that an onboard GPU has much better perfomance than my RTX3000???


All help is appreciated, :-)


Best Regards,