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Please insert SolidWorks Disk #1 during installation

Discussion created by Eric Snyder on Mar 18, 2020
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SolidWorks 2020 SP02 (and some past installations)


I keep getting this error when installing SolidWorks or doing an upgrade. I am installing from a USB that was the target for the installation files. Some other users have had the issue and some have not internally. I sent this to my VAR. They said I needed to just quit using the downloaded SolidWorks installation  and switch to the installation files they host on their FTP site. The procedure is:


  1. Download the files from FTP.
  2. Make sure they are on your hard drive.
  3. Unblock three files in an "English" folder, otherwise it won't install.


IIRC SolidWorks tech support did actually look at this but said that it wasn't reproducible so they can't do anything. It's reproducible on my machine.


I just wiped my OS a few weeks ago and this is a pretty fresh installation since the last time it happened.


How many of you are having this issue?