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Sheet format for Individual Weldment Cut List Items

Question asked by Martin Kynde on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2020 by Alex Lachance

When making 2D Drawings of a weldment I usually have the first sheet displaying the whole weldment with a Weldment Cut List. The Sheet format on the drawing have fields as "Material", "Description", Weight", "DWG NO." etc. These values are automatically filled in, as they are linked to the "File Properties" from the Weldment *.SLDPRT-file.


Then I continue adding sheets in the same *.SLDDRW-file, containing all the Weldment Cut List Items. The problem is, that the sheet format on these subsequent sheets still links to "Main (*.SLDPRT-file.)" File Properties" instead of the Cut List part of interest.


Question 1: Is it possible to have two seperate sheet formats. One for the main weldment and then another for the subsequent Cut List Items, which automatically updates the "Material", "Description", Weight", "DWG NO." etc. based on the Cut List Item of interest that has been inserted to the sheet either by using the command "Select Bodies" or "Relative View"?


I want to have the "Link to Property" generic, i.e. I don't want manually to change the values for "Material", "Description", Weight", "DWG NO." etc. for each individual Cut List item. I know it is possible to manually do for e.g. the description for an individual cut list item like this example:


"SW-CutListItemName@@@A-Frame Crossbar@S19-080-083_W050-Test.SLDPRT".


The problem with the above "Linked Property" is that it only works for this particular Cut list item "A-Frame Crossbar". On the next sheet in the drawing, the next part may be the "A-Frame Leg 1", an order to get the "Linked Property" to work I would have to manually substitute "A-Frame Crossbar" with "A-Frame Leg 1", in order for the value to update correctly. The same story goes on for the "Material", Weight", "DWG NO." etc. which requires to much manual work.


Question 2: The question should probably go into to seperate question, but I will catch the chance to add it here. Is it possible to have individual revision table on the subsequent Cut List Items, without it linking to the main revision table?


The reason I ask, is that other Cut List Items do not neccassary need to go from revision 0 to 1, just because another Cut List Item have been updated. This works easily if using traditionel SolidWorks modeling, by avoiding Weldments, by using *.SLDPRT-files and *.SLDASM-files where the revision of each item can be more easily controlled