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Question asked by Bruno Frade on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Bruno Frade

Hello, can someone explain what is going on with my default templates, im going crazy with this SolidBug...


Templates are set, paths are in folders location and files exists



somehow SW creates and keeps creating new parts and drawings in my assembly templates folder no matter how many times i delete them..

in the end it seems i can just have the templates wich the crap programmers decided i must have



No SW, iv payed  for this crap and at least i would like to choose my templates, i know this is a big wish,maybe too dificult for the kind of programmers that seems to work in the developement of SolidBug, nothing seems to work in this program, and they like to excuse mainly with graphic cards, well i have a brand new RTX Quadro 5000, and i keep facing every day all kind of bugs, crashes, things that are suposed to work and simply does not work, but yeah, 2020 with lots of new features wow, congratz, new features, the very old same bugs... shame on you!


MS Should start to ban crap software, maybe this way at some point we will pay and get for what we pay, stable software to work, most of us work 8+ hours every day with a sotware, its frustrating to never know what will happen at the next click, shame on a software that costs 10.000 a licence and the most important command should be CTRL+S (SAVE)  after every command so you can be sure no work loss... unfortunately for me i must work with this... for now is what we have in company...