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Unable to save copied toolbox-part

Question asked by Sverre Harstadstrand on May 8, 2009
Latest reply on May 19, 2009 by Jeff Sparks
I have a custom part in my toolbox that I've made and installed. When I Ctrl-drag it to an assembly and click the green check-mark I get the following message: "Unable to save document 'C:\Solidworks Data\CopiedParts\tmp00015648.sldprt'". The file is, however, created in said folder.

When I dismiss the message, the inserted part is deleted from the assembly.

If I drag the part into the assembly without holding down the Ctrl-key, everything works normal. Standard parts (screws) works as expected when Ctrl-dragged.

PS: Ctrl-dragging is to get an individual part file when inserting toolbox parts in assemblies, as set up on page 3 of the toolbox configuration dialog.

Anyone have any idea as to what happens?

I am using SW 2009 SP3 on Win Vista 32-bit.

Thank You...

Sverre H.