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SolidWorks Tips and Techniques Video Series

Discussion created by Mark Biasotti on Mar 17, 2020
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So, what are you doing with your time right now? If you are like me you are in "shelter-in" mode (most of the Bay Area is in Covid-19 lock-down mode) trying to do my work from home in close quarters 24/7 with my wife and golden retriever - a weird new normal...


So with the disruption and perhaps some time on your hands, it might be good timing to release the first eight episodes of our Spanner Tips and Techniques Webcasts. Its an all-things product design video series focusing industry methods and practices that we employ here at Spanner every day. We're starting off the webcast series with our SolidWorks Tips and Techniques series. The first 8 episodes are live and you can view them by visiting our website here:


Webcasts — Spanner Product Development 


I plan on doing approximately two dozen episodes pertaining to SolidWorks. These are focused on Consumer product design in SolidWorks but I'm sure there is something for everyone.  I'm currently working on the next few episodes and will be adding one per week or so.


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Following is an agenda of what is posted and what is to come: (Episodes in bold are completed)


1. SolidWorks Tips and Techniques Part 1 – 8 tips and tricks for SW users to improve their productivity and modeling quality.
2. SolidWorks Tips and Techniques Part 2 – 8 tips and tricks for SW users to improve their productivity and modeling quality.
3. SolidWorks Tips and Techniques Part 3 – 8 tips and tricks for SW users to improve their productivity and modeling quality.
4. Making bullet-proof models – robustly and efficiently for parametric change
5. Advanced Modeling Part 1 – What is advanced modeling and how is it different
6. Advanced Modeling part 2 – Working with Curves
7. Advanced Modeling Part 3 – more Working with Curves
8. Advanced Modeling Part 3 – Working between Solids and Surfaces
9. Advanced Modeling Part 4 – Boundary Surface techniques
10. Advanced Modeling Part 5 – more Boundary surface
11. Advanced Modeling Part 6 - Fill Surface
12. Advanced Modeling Part 8 - sweep techniques
13. Advanced Modeling Part 9 – All about the Flex Feature
14. Advance Modeling Part 10 – working with fillets
15. Advance Modeling Part 11 – more fillets
16. Advanced Modeling Part 12 – Deform Freeform features explained
17. Advanced Modeling Part 13 - Master Model Technique Part 1
18. Advanced Modeling Part 14 - Master Model Technique continued
19. Advanced Modeling Part 15 - Delete, Replace, Move, Heal Face.
20. Advanced Modeling Part 16 - Engineers and Industrial Designers Working together
21. Photo Rendering - PhotoView Part 1 
22. Photo Rendering - PhotoView Part 2 
23. Photo Rendering – SolidWorks Visualize
24. More SolidWorks Tip and Tricks – Part 4