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GetExternalFeatureReferences2 members???

Discussion created by Eric Snyder on Mar 16, 2020
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I can't seem to find any documentation on GetExternalFeatureReferences2 members. In visual studio I seem to jet get that it is a com object. Working from this documentation there looks like there are at least four members:




In that example there is a line that says:


Debug.Print("  Broken reference (1=broken; 2=not broken; 0=older version or N/A): " + brokenStatus[i]);


Are these all the values that are returned?


I also find the Enum swExternalReferenceStatus_e in the SolidWorks API. IT has different values and does not have a "2" for some reason.


I hate guessing on these kinds of things. I am using this to write tests of files that can be automated before release to manufacturing.