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SolidWorks 14 does not allow to create a global variable

Question asked by Eugene Eugene on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2020 by Eugene Eugene

Hello everyone.
Following the Help

Tools > Equations, Equation View, 
In the Global Variable section, i can see grey 'Add global variable' which disappears when I type:


Pressing Tab key:

It becomes "Drod" and sign = appears in the Value/Equations column

Typing: 1.5 

Units: mm from the drop-down sub-menu

Green PM_OK.gifappears in the cell, indicating that the syntax is valid.

But the global variable value does not appear in the Evaluates to cell. The cell remains grey and non-editable and the cursor does not move to the next cell in the Comments column. The Comments is white, but non-editable.

IF TO PRESS OK: 'There is a syntax error in the active Equation. Do you want to exit the dialog box?

                            IF TO PRESS Yes: The box disappears but when re-opening it, the  Global Variable section is empty.

IF TO PRESS "Rebild" icon: Global Variable section becomes empty.


Also in the sketch, Dimension > DoubleClick > Modify dialog box, I cannot obtain the Global Variable icon (blue globe with yellow star), which I managed to obtain once in the past with this software.

Maybe the Global Variable functionality is somehow turned-off in this software?

Maybe the software is damaged by Users?

Any idea how to recover it, please? 

Thank you.
(A beginner in SolidWorks)



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