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Missing Column in toolbox table

Question asked by Hansjörg Wolff on Mar 15, 2020


i tried to correct the settings of the sunk diameter from ISO 10642.

To make sure i use the correct values and the correct column, i checked the setting in DIN 10642.
(The settings in the DIN Table are correct, in the ISO they are to small)

Die values for the sunk diameter are listed in the column with the headline "Formsenkdurchmesser" (sorry i have only in German).

I´ve tried to find this column with the same headline in the table of ISO 10642. But there isn´t.

I compare the values in the table with the measured dimension in the inserted feature in the part.

I find out that in ISO 10642 feature the column "Kopfdurchmesser" ist used for the sunk diameter, that´s the reason it´s to small.

But i can´t change this value, becaused it defined the dimension of the screw.

So no chance to fix this bug.


I´m realy sad about that, because i report this bug in Sommer 2011 to the Hotline and the bug was registert with SPR 523365. But i think the SPR was not new, i don´t know how long it exist bevor.


The Bug is registered with effect "high"


The user has no chance to repair by him self.


Makro to identify toolbox index of a hole will not work, because the sunk hole must create with thru-hole an additional chamfer.

Are this enough arguments to spur Solidworks to provide a hotfix?