Ian McKenzie

Vault Previews Causing Buildup of GDI Objects and Consequent Crashes

Discussion created by Ian McKenzie on Mar 16, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Debbie Wescott

For a while now I've been experiencing seemingly random explorer.exe crashes on Windows 10 (where the taskbar blips out and comes back with everything running as before except all the folder windows are closed). I've just figured out how to reproduce the issue intentionally - ie., if I go into a Vault folder I have not previously accessed and single click a folder there such that the graphical preview comes up, I see a spike in GDI objects in task manager's details tab. This is expected as far as I know since it makes sense that explorer.exe would need some graphical resources to display that preview. HOWEVER, clicking off of that file so the preview goes away does not restore the GDI object count to its previous value - there is always a residual left over. If I continue going into new folders and clicking on files, the count will steadily increase until it eventually spikes over 10,000 (the default limit in Windows 10), at which point the crash is triggered. 


I'm currently researching to figure out if there's a way I can write a background program to monitor the GDI Object count and at least warn me when it hits 9000, but I'd ideally just want the program to correctly release the resources and not crash. 


The "About Solidworks PDM" window tells me our Client Version is 17.05.0089 and our Build number is 17.5 (B89)


Does anyone know if there's a solution to this issue?