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Macro-Update CP in Drawing file from 1st drawing view

Question asked by Rok Testen on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2020 by Rok Testen

Hello everyone.


my problem:

Part or Assembly has its own Custom Properties.

One of them is "Description"


When i'm making Drawing i'd like to copy that "Description" From 1st Drawing View (or selected one) into Custom Property of Drawing File. ...

You probably ask Why? Well Because:

  • That "Description is shown in Windows Explorer. 
  • when we search for old drawing is easier to find by description in Windows Explorer than by unique part code (FileName)

What i wand:


Macro that:

  1. read Custom property "Description" from 1st Drawing View in my Drawing File (1st one or selected one. Both ways are good)
  2. Creadte new Custom property in "Drawing File" called "Description" and write the value that we read before from Drawing View. 



Part/Assembly : Custom Property "Desctription"  = "Main-axis-for-servo-drive"

DrawingFile: Custom Property "Description" = Custom Property of part/ Assembly in 1st or selected Drawing View.



I hope i wrote enough info what I want.


Thank you for your help

Greetings from Slovenia,