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Machine Multiple Faces

Question asked by John Wood on Mar 15, 2020
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I am pretty new to solidworks and SOLIDWORKS cam.  I have an L bracket that I need to machine, I plan to machine both faces of the L-Bracket.  I have created an assembly that contains my part, part stock and a block to align to as my jig.  


I have two configurations, the first is the default and I can generate all my features.  I fix the pieces in the first configuration.  When I go to the second configuration and rotate and move the parts everything is fine until I try to make them to my block.  When I do this the solidworks origiin that I created changes. 


This is very frustrating since I have fixed the block in both configurations so the orientation with respect to the parts should never change.  


Any help would be appreciated, do I need to put the part in twice to do this.  Seems ridiculous to need to do that.