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Solid Works Freezing within 5 minutes 

Question asked by Christian Arguello on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by Christian Arguello

Hello Everyone,


I am a student trying to run Solid Works on an HP Spectre, 16 Gb of memory, i7 intel, and NVIDIA GeForce mx150 graphics card. I already know that my graphics card isn't on the supported list, however friends of mine can run the program just fine with lower quality graphics cards. Basically what is happening is my computer will start solid works just fine and run for as long as i leave it on if I don't start a part or assembly design. Once I do, the program will still run fine but about 5 minutes in the program freezes and crashes my computer without an error message or anything. I have reinstalled once and have repaired the installation a couple times. Any help is appreciated!


Thank You