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how to make multiple extrusion of different sketches?

Question asked by Victor Orrego on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2020 by Jackie Yip

Hi, I'm starting a new debate. I have changed the focus to a somewhat different request; I'm suddenly missing something I don't know.

1) I would like solidworks to create serial plans by copying the same sketch into each of them. or suddenly there is a method that I am missing? It is also flexible to be able to edit each one separately later and give it its respective position. It would be useless if you repeat them and everything is blocked.

2) I wish that solidworks can make extrusions to different sketches; the matter as you see in the solidworks image allows you to select multiple different frame contours. but when the selection is finished it only extrudes one of many and does not generate the operation in each one individually.

3) also with the Curve Driven Pattern theme. I almost solved my problem with this command, but the thing is, it doesn't allow you to align the rungs with the first selected one or a particular plane. or another method such as a surface that can be used as a guide.
what he did was space them up and rotate them well up there. but when it came to aligning them I was limited to just the face of the cylinder and as a result each step was inclined. and not parallel to each other.