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SW Graphics driver Website - Gone-ish

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by Alan Sweetenham

Today I noticed that SW graphics card driver website link no longer gives us the driver that they have found to be the most stable to download. Instead, we get sent to a hardware certification link.

So what was the purpose all those years ago with everyone complaining to get Solidworks to help all SW users and allow us to download the best driver without trying to search and battle driver issues? I remember those days before that site was available. It was tough battling a VC driver issue. The process was to download a driver, install, test. If failure then un-install, download, install and retest... argh!


Once I am at this new site: I can select the driver they think, but yet we have to browse the Nvidia site to find it and the page they send us to didn't work. I was unable to find the R440 instead I found this:


I had to go back one page to find only the latest driver, which per their site is not the recommended driver.


If I go to the RX tool and select "download latest driver"  its not R440 from what I can tell. If search using the page before the "advanced search" I can find only the latest version which is R442.


Back to the hardware website real quick. The site says "finding a qualified workstation and graphics driver for use with Solidworks", What is the point of that if my PC is not in the list and it's a supported system from BOXX (APEX 4)?


So why make all these changes that actually makes the site that much less productive?


Anyone care to take a shot at this? Is a Millennial thing or is this just another jab from Dassault?


I feel like all those years of complaining and working with the SW personal were all for nothing when I see such unproductive changes as simple as a website.