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Pack and Go Relationship Trouble - Exploring Counseling xp

Discussion created by Rebecca Bennett on Mar 12, 2020
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When Pack and Go decides not to move relationships over in a sneaky way...

Please don't yell at me for working off of my desktop.  =p


This Pack and Go from a 20K to 10K (in its own folder) had me fighting relationships.
The top model was 10K, the SubAssembly was 10K, the part was 10K.  I double-checked the part drawing relationship was indeed pointed to the 10K, check, it is... But when I open the drawing its referring to the 20K!  Ahhh!  lol xp


I used SolidWorks Explorer to fix the mess.  It was only this and one other part, just random.
Thought I'd share one last before I start my new job position with Inventor.  C'est la vie!