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Skid / Frame loading

Discussion created by The Merovingien on Mar 13, 2020
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i would like to get your idea, on how to put the correct entries (fixture, force, etc...)

to get this simulation the most realistic as possible.


In a previous simu-study (not made by myself) they put "full fixture" at the 4 bottom joints.


in my opinion the approach methodoly is wrong, because each joint will no be able to rapproach each overs.

because each joint will not move from the others, their positions stay "perfect" without any move in X of Z.

(Y is the elevation).


i would like to try the approach of fixing the top, by simulating the "slings",

but with the possibility to slightly deform the frame in X-Z posiiton.


like a plastic bucket full of water, if we lift it, it will deform a little.


And what kind of fixture setting to get a realistic move / lifting ?


i can't give the PRT file.


(sorry for my english, it's not very good).