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Cannot use style splines and centerlines together

Question asked by Christopher Buckley on Mar 12, 2020

There seems to be a fundamental inability to use style splines and centerlines together at their control vertices (at least on both machines/systems I'm using). I can use centerlines to set the end points of a style spline, but as soon as I make any constraint between a control vertex and a centerline, I get sketch errors. If I open "repair sketch" I get "Point too close to the common point of contour entities". I searched this phrase on Google and here without any significant results. Is this a documented no-no somewhere I'm not finding?

I've attached a sample file with a simple spline drawing that should contain 5 sketch errors of the above variety. No matter if I start a new files, restart my system, etc. I cannot seem to use these two together. Is this a bug or intentional? I can find ways around this for simple cases like this, but there are often cases where it would either take an absurd amount of time to set up workarounds without referencing the CV, or simply impossible. Worse still, is for the workarounds I often work out, they are often very prone to rebuild errors if I change something upstream. Any help on resolving this is appreciated!



Solidworks 2019 SP 5.0 (I also tried this and saw the same behavior in 2018 SP 0.1).
Windows 10 v1909