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Environment.NewLine not showing in task notification message

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Mar 11, 2020
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I have a task add-in that will send notification (smtp) but the the NewLine appears to be removed.  I have tried both Environment.NewLine and  "\r\n".  I am saving my "log" string in both a task variable that shows on my task details form and passing it as the last parameter to the final SetStatus call, both of them show the message as one continuous line (well with wrapping)  I would like to improve the readability by inserting line breaks.  I've been using Environment.NewLine for quite a while and this task add-in is the first time I'm not getting expected results.  Is there a special escape sequence I need to add?


This is the SetStatus call I'm using.  The log string is built throughout the task so hard to post all the code.


task.SetStatus(EdmTaskStatus.EdmTaskStat_DoneFailed, 0, "custom Fail Msg", itemList.ToArray(), log);


Thank you.