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Section View from Model Question

Question asked by S. Casale on Mar 12, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by S. Casale

I'm playing around with making Section views in Models for use in Drawings.


On a drawing, normally I can have a principal view and create a section line on a drawing. The cutting line shows up on the principal view and the section view is created. No problem.


I know I can create a section view in the model save it as an Annotation View. Then I can open up the drawing, and the drawing view is available on the view pallet in the Task Pane. I can drag it and place it on my drawing. As an example if I label the view A-A is a normal Section would be, the label propagates to as the view label. However I haven't figured out how to get a view (which normally would be a principal view) to be able to express the cutting line.


Is it possible, or not a function that can be done?


2018 SP5.0