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Phantom jobs in queue - Visualize Pro 2020 SP2

Question asked by Kristina Smith on Mar 11, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by Kristina Smith

Good afternoon. I'm having an issue with phantom jobs stuck in my queue, identical to this issue from 2017: Visualize Queue not Purging 

I have tried all the recommendations listed in that thread:

  • Hitting the Purge Queue and Terminate Current Render several times
  • Deleting everything in the temp folder (except items needing to be skipped)
  • Deleting any queued jobs stuck in SharedSettings.xml (possibly of note, it only ever shows the job I send to the queue, but not the phantom jobs)
  • Restarting, hoping, and praying in between each step

I can directly render without an issue, but I would really like to get the queue working again. Has something changed in Visualize 2020 that's causing the previous fixes to stop working? Is there a new fix I should be trying instead?