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Compatible Mixed Mesh

Question asked by Luke Lee Chun Chern on Mar 11, 2020

Good day, I am currently creating a hollow bicycle frame where the top tube, seat tube, down tube are all made with a mid surface which is then thickened to the desired thickness of 3mm. The only parts that are solid are the head tube, the rear bit for attaching the rear wheel and the bottom bracket (not sure about the part names). From what I've read, having a compatible mesh is unlikely for a mixed mesh. Is there a way to have a mixed mesh that is compatible?


What I had done initially was have the solid parts merge with the surfaces that were thickened which when selecting the 'Define Shell By Selected Faces' causes the solid parts to disappear. All the shell surfaces fortunately have a compatible mesh. The solid parts reappear by unchecking the 'Merge Results' box, but the problem of the element nodes not matching remains.


Attached are the whole frame (1), a closeup of the shell mesh that is compatible (2), and  closeups of the shell mesh and  solid mesh that are incompatible (3,4,5).


Any advice would be greatly appreaciated!