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SW 2019 doesn't export thumbnails

Question asked by Adrian Bogdan on Mar 11, 2020



I had SW 2017 and upgraded to SW 2019 SP 4.0 and I am exporting drawings as DWG to share with 3rd parties


The problem I have is the all the DWG's coming from Solidworks don't have a preview anymore. I know I can open and resave, or batch save or use an add-in for autocad to do batch save's but these are workarounds I would like to see a fix for the problem without creating extra steps.


I have tried the AutoCAd LT 2018 and AutoCAD Arhitecture 2020 thinking that it is an Autodesk problem, I have also contacted Autodesk support but to no result.


I have seen only one thread that is saying that SW is exporting as student versions now and they have limitations (i.e no thumbnail or a watermark or a warning).


Anybody any ideas or has anybody experienced this issue?


Thank you,