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Adobe Acrobat Warning: Javascript Window

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Mar 11, 2020

Has anyone come across the below error popping up?


Every time I highlight a PDF file in the vault (i.e. just single click on it) the below "Warning: Javascript Window" always pops up and I have to "OK" it before it continues on to show me the PDF in the preview tab.


after "OK", going from pdf to pdf does not make it come up again

however, if I highlight a non-pdf file and then go pack to a pdf, then the window shows up all over again.


As you might imagine...monumentally infuriating....any ideas welcome as I suspect this might be one of those "wild goose chase" situations for the solution.


Thank you




Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1909)

Solidworks 2020 SP 1.0

PDM Professional 2020 SP 1.0 (CAD editor License)

Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017 (this is the standalone installation, not cloud/subscription based)

No Adobe reader installation


Screenhote showing the window popup of the error "the new doc automation too Requires Adobe acrobat professional/standard versions 6.0 or later"