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Windchill Instance Checkin Issue

Question asked by Rakesh Murali on Mar 9, 2020


I have a Generic part which i am currently working on which is at A.33 version. When the Generic was created, i.e. A.1 version, i had created 3 instances which was made to be checked into windchill. However in A.2 version of generic, i configured the three instances not to be available in Windchill by clicking ''No'' in the custom properties. However when i am working on the A.33 version, i am not able to get back the 3 instances available as configurations as it is associated with A.1 version and cannot be opened when A.33 is the latest version; Nor i am able to delete the instances and recreate it. I also tried opening A.1 version of the generic and trying to check out but WC doesn't allow to do so. I have the three instances in A.33 made available but are configured as No in the custom properties. When i click Yes, these would show up as new parts in WC and when i try to checkin, WC recognizes the older instances and reports saying the instances are not unique. Is there a workaround for this?