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Can't find my cranium!!

Question asked by Ramon Herrera on Mar 8, 2020
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My next challenge can be seen in these preliminary videos uploaded to my project's YouTube channel:



Being involved for a few years in this fascinating endeavor, I keep on finding The Big Divide in 3D apps:


 (a) Hollywood Types: 3ds Max, Maya, Blender and a long et cetera. What matters is looks and rendering speed.

 (b) Manufacturing Types: SolidWorks, Inventor, CATIA, etc. Precision is of utmost importance.


After doing several "simulations" quote, unquote- of ballistics that belong in the former category, I decided that it is high time to roll my sleeves and perform some serious FEA/CFD simulations. I downloaded the Free Student version of ANSYS.


I thought I was all set, found a great guy in the Freelancer site. The apparently insurmountable obstacle seems to be this: all craniums models found in websites target the category (a) above. The expert tells me that for FEA/CFD purposes one of IGES, STEP or Parasolid is required.


I had great success exporting the vintage 1963 Mosler safe box seen here:


Some of my SolidWorks Models


to the 3 acceptable formats and reading them into ANSYS.


Should I hire somebody to design a cranium from scratch in SolidWorks? There has to be a better way.  :-(




-Ramon F. Herrera
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