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Global variables from design library objects

Question asked by Chris L'Esperance on Mar 8, 2020

This question concerns design library objects which are parametric / driven by global variables attached to the design library object.


Consider a minimal design library consisting of a series of cutout patterns.


Consider also a basic part which is a sheet metal plate.  This part possesses several basic positioning sketches which are each just a locating sketch point and x, y dimensions.


Including the design library items in the part to achieve the desired cutouts works fine.


The part inherits all of the equations from the invoked design library objects, which is great.


Global variables from the design library objects are not, however, inherited - the result being errors on the part: "There is a syntax error in one or more equations."


Any guidelines when creating parametric design library items are appreciated.


Similarly, any settings or configuration values related to the imported design library item which could be recruited to solve this issue (e.g. such as something similar to `Link to library part' setting, which I don't think solves our problem) are also appreciated.