Rick Donnellon

Weldment, Item length in Description property, help!!

Discussion created by Rick Donnellon on Mar 9, 2020

 I am trying to add the item length to the description property in a weldment profile template file. I am using a design table to generate the profile configurations and I am using the Excel concatenation function to parse together several cells for Description property. The resultant Excel cell evaluates to the following. 

304 SS, SCH 40, 1/2" NOM DIA X "LENGTH@@Cut-List-Item<>.SLDPRT" LG.

When I use that profile in a weldment it works to a point but adds the additional text to the end " NOM DIA(1)@Part3.SLDPRT LG." I cannot figure out where this is coming from and how to fix it. I have read all the forum messages on this and tried all the examples but can't get it to work? I hope someone out there can help... Please?


Below is cutlist is generates Description has additional "NOM DIA(1)@Part3.SLDPRT LG." text an the end?

In the weldment part, If I strip the "NOM DIA(1)@Part3.SLDPRT LG." part from the Value / Text Expression column it works! I just can't get it to come in like that from the profile template?