Matthew Macindoe

Unwanted Edges on 3D Textures

Discussion created by Matthew Macindoe on Mar 6, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by Paul Salvador

Hi guys 

Has anyone managed to find a fix for this?!?

At first 3D textures seemed like a really powerful tool. But now I'm finding a LOT of limitations.

For example, when I apply a 3D texture, it keeps creating these raised edges on the part.  See screenshot attached.


I've tried playing with the texture map file: inverting the black and white, etc. All types of configurations. But with all of them I still get these raised edges!


It happens more when I use the texture map to cut into the part - a concave feature - as opposed to when I make a 'bump' or a convex feature.


This might be okay for some rough prototypes. But not for serious product development. And certainly not when taking something to tooling!

Any advice would be welcomed.