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Sweep Flange Flatten not working?

Question asked by Jim Moses on Mar 5, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by Kenneth Barrentine

Hi all,


I have a imported solid I am tasked to remodel and make into a sheet metal part that can be flattened so we can cut out on a laser machine.


dumb solid:



now I have attempted to use a edge flange which would not flatten



when I attempt to flatten I get the following error:



so I attempted a Sweep Flange



when I flatten this it appears to me its missing a piece



so what am I doing incorrectly or is there a better method to get the end geometry or is this beyond the sheet metal functionality?


sheetmetal part is the one attempting to copy the one marked - is the attempt, the radius of the dumb solid are not correct to make the part which i altered in my attempt


using Solidworks 2019