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Remote Solver Not Loading Files

Question asked by Tony Colette on Mar 4, 2020



Last week Puget published their findings on SW 2020 SP1 performance and I saw that the flow simulation performance increased by nearly 30%, and on some processors up to 45%.


So, I recently updated to SW 2020 SP1 and I ran some simulations on a remote computer, yet the results files were not copied over to the master computer like they normally would in 2019 SP3, instead they were left in the temporary directory in the remote computer. 

This can easily be manually fixed, but if you were to run a parametric study with remote computers, the data does not get loaded into the parametric window, and none of the tools that are in the parametric window for working with large sets of data are usable since the data was not copied over.  Yes I can manually put the parametric files into the project directory where they are supposed to be, but the parametric study window does not have a way to bring them in and use them.


So either I have this 30% faster solve time, or I have my parametric studies function.


Does anyone know of a setting that SW might have added that disables automatic copying of files from the remote computer?


Thank you,

Phillip LaPlante