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Airfoil Sections of a 3D Propeller Model to DXF

Question asked by Ben Isaac on Mar 5, 2020

Hi there,


I need to create slices of a propeller 3D model to extract the 2D profile of the blade across many cross sections, and then convert each profile (airfol) to a .DXF file. Then I need to import the .DXF file in another program to extract the x,y coordinates of the airfoil.


What I have tried so far: I used the slice option of Soliworks to create 100 slices of one propeller blade. Solidworks creates 100 sketches as a result. I wasn't able to directly export the sketches as DXF files. So I extruded each sketch separately did the following: clicked on Save as .dxf and then selected the face of the extruded airfoil to be exported. That allowed me to get the DXF files.


I was wondering if there is a more straight forward way to extract the 2D cross sections of the propeller blade? In particular, I am only trying the extract the 2D boundaries of the cross sections, not the area within the boundary/


Thank you in advance.