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SolidWorks 2019 inserts the wrong revision table when using macro

Question asked by Matt Willms on Mar 4, 2020

I have a colleague that wanted to create a macro to replacing / adding our revision table to converted drawings. (purchase of a company)


When you delete the old revision table and manually add the template we have it works exactly as it should. 

When you record the macro by clicking and selecting the options it works.

When you attempt to run the macro it inserts the default revision table from the SolidWorks installation.

I did a search of my computer for all *.sldrevtbt files.

I have deleted all of the default revision table templates from my computer and in the PDM vault. 

I removed the templates from my recycle bin and rebooted my computer and it still adds the incorrect revision table.


I know it is only saving a click or two, but it is become a problem that needs to be solved.


Any thoughts?