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How to sort a Weldment BOM

Question asked by Hubert Carle on Mar 4, 2020
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Woo Hoo! Was just watching a YouTube video from CADimensions,inc. Lunch and Learn - The ins and outs of Weldment Cut lists – Advanced - YouTube All good stuff but toward the end the presenter just happened to mentions something that caught my attention.  This is not what he was talking about but from what he said I was able to come up with a useful procedure. 


I have always been annoyed that you are only given one field choice when sorting the weldment list.  In BOM you can sort by multiple fields.  Why is this important to me?  It would be nice to be able to sort by description (L3x3x.25) and then by cut length to get an ascending list by size. 


Here is the procedure.

  1.       Insert the weldment into an assembly.
  2.       Create a drawing and insert a BOM.
  3.       Choose option – Detailed cut list
  4.       Dissolve the assembly. This will move all the parts up in the BOM structure. -  Right click on the row with the assembly. - the choice to dissolve is the third one down.
  5.       Add a new column with the custom property of “length.”
  6.       Now you can sort by Description and length.
  7.      What is even better? The Balloons work.


What say you?