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How to create a surface that acts as slide for a cylinder?

Question asked by Matthias Bürkle on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Frederick Law

Good morning,


i'm using SolidWorks for quite a long time. But i have never needed to create complex surfaces.

Now i need to create a surface that will act as slide for a cylinder.

The idea is the cylinder is falling from the top onto the surface. Based on gradient of the surface the cylinder is turned for 90° and is sliding down/out. 

Attached you find my current surface. You will directly see that the front right "corner" of the surface is not closed. Of course it needs to be closed to work. I have tried to close the surface by using different sketches.

But I'm not really come forward and i guess the way i used to achieve the current state is not the best.


For better unterstanding i have also attached a screenshot showing the (red) cylinder, that is falling from the top onto the surface.


Does anyone have suggestions or ideas how to create the surface in a better way?


Thank you very much!

Best regards