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Automatic Deploy of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Fails

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Mar 3, 2020

We have an admin image from which we are trying to install SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020.  If I log in to a client machine and run the StartSWInstall.hta file, the installation succeeds.  If we try to deploy it automatically, it fails. 


The failure seems to be associated with the SOLIDWORKS Electrical data directory, which is located on a shared folder on the same machine hosting the SW Electrical SQL Server instance.


The error in the log file is:


MSI (s) (10:78) [12:48:40:785]: Product: SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 SP01 -- Disk full: Out of disk space -- Volume: '\\<servername>\SOLIDWORKS Electrical Data'; required space: 579 KB; available space: 0 KB.  Free some disk space and retry.


The share is definitely not out of space, since the install succeeds when I install directly from the client machine.


I've noticed that the deploy tries to install using the local SYSTEM account.  If I log in to a machine using the SYSTEM account (yes that can be done) and try to browse to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Data folder, I get an access denied message.


So, for anyone installing SW Electrical using an admin image with the data folder on a network share, how are your share permissions set up to allow the local SYSTEM account to access the data folder?